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The Jam Jar is a full service Advertising Agency that seeks to uncover the "WHY" value by creating a


The Jam Jar boutique marketing agency offers a diverse range of services. The philosophy that unites us guides the way that we go about our business. We are not a 'here today, gone tomorrow' company. We want to do things ethically, instead of prioritizing self-interest and profits.

We are united by our focus on betterment - which emphasizes the value of contributing. We believe in give and take. We have gone to great lengths to find people who share these beliefs. Ultimately this works to your benefit, because we take a fresh and purposeful approach, instead of just saying things because they sound good or fanciful.

No other marketing agency is like the Jam Jar. This is because we think that 'traditional' marketing is missing something. That something is valued. We think that human beings are ethical, and not just logical. We think that we all make WHAT and WHY based choices regularly. It is not only about benefits and features, but that is also old hat. It is about knowing who you are, having morals. As far as we are concerned, all marketing communications should show people why they should trust you. Therefore, if this concept resonates with you, you are in the right place.


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